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Websites Facts

* Refers to Greece and period of 20132014 (1st quarter)

61% of companies in Greece have Website,
2,6% ONLY of them, Return Profit to the Company (ROI)
76% has increased online purchases during 2014, in contrary to 2012
94% search for Local Businesses, 69% visit this local business
73% of buyers, research online for a product before purchase
74% the amount of Digital Purchases from e-Shops
20 online purchases annually in average from Greeks, worth of 1.600 €
75% of customers, bothered by sites that are not Mobile Friendly.
52% of them, immediately leave the site and never returns
40% of users, prefer to go to a competitor’s site due to bad site experience from mobile

On April 21th, something changes and brings upside-down on web

Website Development

The choice of Hellas Marketing for the Integration of your website, is one way. Having bring together the Top Experts and with the strategies partnerships we have done, the only certainty is the Quality and the Results of each project we take over.
In order to Integration of a Webpage, are working simultaneously several teams of experienced professionals, until achieve the desired result. After project completion, the support team of Hellas Marketing, provides 24/7 ongoing support in any issue arise. At the same time you have by your side permanently one expert, who advises on issues that could help your business.
The only thing you have to do, is to describe us your Business and the purposes you want to serve with your website. Thereafter takes control Hellas Marketing to prepare you a specific plan by choosing the best solution according to all requirements of your company.

Static Website

A Static Website, is a website like any other on the Internet, whose content does not need to update frequently. This one has as a result, the absence of a Content Management System (ie you do not need a database and complex mechanisms), resulting the Cost and Delivery times to be extremely small.

On the other hand, not every company may guarantee to you a successful Static Website, because is required excellent knowledge and experience. Of course, when there are the above, the result is ALWAYS Unique. Our team can guarantee to you for all static websites we create.

The development of a Static Website constitutes the economical solution for businesses, individuals or freelance professionals who want a stylish corporate profile with services or products, which does not require frequent update of content.

 Faster website development.
 Lower implementation costs.
 Usually loads faster than a dynamic.
 Less demanding on web hosting.
 Frequent adding content is not required.
 The update of the content can be done ONLY by savvy web developer.
 Usually is used for pages with short content and few pages that doesn’t need to update.

Dynamic Website

A Dynamic Website, unlike a static, gives full control to Website owners. One of the main advantages of Dynamic Websites is that provides to user the ability to update the content without being specially expertized and in any frequency he wants, without being dependent on thirds or need to know about development.

The main advantage of Dynamic Websites is that their content is produced at the time of visit to them, alleging from databases. Compared to Static Web pages, the structure of dynamic web has many advantages.

Main advantages of Dynamic Websites is the ease of their management and the adding or removal of their content through an easy and user-friendly administration interface (Control Panel), with the help of which you can modify the appearance and the content, with tools to add, edit, and delete , text, photos, categories and other elements of the website.

 Used for frequent update of your content.
 Content can be updated by people who doesn’t have knowledge.
 It is easy to manage the site from users and administrators of the website.
 Content can be categorized and archived.
 The addition of New different languages is easier.
 The integration of a dynamic site needs more time to complete.
 The cost of Dynamic Websites is higher (because of higher demands).

Online Shop

An Online Store (eShop) makes your products & Services available 24 hours a day, 365 days, to your potential customers and is the modern “showcase” of your business.

A properly designed eShop based on a Smart Digital Marketing Plan, is the Ideal Tool for Maximization of Profitability for any business that is active in the field Commerce. Especially nowadays where almost all of our transaction or commercial activity is made in an Electronic way (via PC or smartphone), the migration to the digital world is considered as necessary for any Company that wants to have Growth prospects.

Hellas Marketing has also developed ERP Systems for full Interaction between Physical Stores and Online Stores, so that a Physical Store to work in perfect harmony with the eShop.



Mobile Friendly Site

A mobile friendly site, is nothing more than a site, especially designed for display on mobile phones. Your visitors, by clicking your site’s web address, they can either see your regular site if they come from a computer, or your mobile friendly site if they come from their mobile or tablet.

A mobile friendly site, is an innovation in which move recently more and more companies, resulting to acquire new customers who use their mobile phones for internet browsing, over their competitors who haven’t properly designed sites for mobile users.

Landing Page

The term Landing Page, in its simplest meaning is any web page on which a visitor is driven, following a search by the search engines or via links from other websites or Social Media or emails etc.

From the perspective of advertising and Marketing, the term of Landing Page, is used when refers to a web page, which was designed and focused on a single purpose. The purpose of a Landing Page is expressed as an action that calls to execute the visitor, such as filling out a subscription form or sale of a product. A successful action creates a Lead or Conversion or a Sale, according to the definitions online marketing.

For designing a Landing Page are used texts, images, video, dynamic data, registration forms and links in such a way as to convince the visitor to proceed with an action. Using the above data and the best combination of those, as at the same time the description of a clear action is integrating a Landing Page, the success of which is calculated based on the visits to successful actions.

Landing Pages, can be created regardless of an existence Website, and find particular resonance to companies that perform Advertising Campaigns, in order to lead any interested to specific pages from an advertisement, instead of directing to general pages, increasing the success and sales.


Hotel’s Websites

Websites for Hotels, are part of the Special Purpose’s Websites like we have named, differing from other types of websites, on serve specific purposes.

The main purpose of Websites for Hotels, is the increase of Direct Booking through itself hotel’s website, achieving Increased Profitability of the Corporation.

The websites of this type, should be integrated with particular care, avoiding common mistakes that make other companies in similar integrations and usually affect Negatively the Reservations. The most common problem we have to solve with Hotels whose their Website has created by other companies, is the lack of Standalone System of Reservation, thus leading potential customers in third reservation services (which are not trusted by customers) and finally the owners of Hotels lose reservations.

Websites for Hotels, must meet at least the following Key Elements:
icon-check Αυτόνομο Σύστημα Κρατήσεων με δυνατότητα Υπολογισμού Διαθεσιμότητας.
icon-check Individual Mechanism for Computation & Payment of Deposit for Reservation completion.
icon-check Comprehensive Functionality of the Site with User Friendly Design and Display of available benefits.
icon-check From the beginning, clearly defining of the Policies that follow the Hotel.
icon-check Addition of extra items that will increase the time of visit in the hotel’s website of potential customers (like the Virtual Tour 360°) and will generate the necessary Familiarity and Trust to make easily a reservation.

Websites for Photographers

The Websites for Photographers, are also part of the Special Purpose’s Websites, differing from other types of websites, on serving specific purposes.

The main purpose of Websites for Photographers, is the Best Possible way, of presentation of their Portfolio. Developing in Hellas Marketing such Websites, we focus on smart techniques in Emphasizing of Artists’ Portfolio.

Generally, a common feature of such web pages, is that words are limited and give their position in the image (and occasionally on video). For this reason these Sites are ideal for Photographers, to those related in Photography, Visual Arts, or generally whoever has a large collection of material for publication on the Internet.


Websites for Resume

The Resume Websites, are also part of the Special Purpose’s Websites. Those web pages can work as Personal Profiles, or even better as an Electronic CV. Nowadays tend to become highly popular such Websites, where anyone can provide in electronic form a Curriculum Vitae and be available to any interested.

In fact it is a Website that is ‘small’ but it contains everything may interest your customers or (as happens with the real CVs) helps you to find work, having an elegant online resume that may at any time have access any employer.

The Websites of Resume developed by Hellas Marketing for its clients, has the advantage that they work as regular Websites, and have very low cost.

Online Community (Forum)

Have you ever be looking for something on Internet and end up on a Site where there is a question of what you are looking and below several users say their opinion to help you? Exactly this is a Forum. With the term of Forum meant a place where launch discussions of general or special interest on Internet and constitutes the start to create a whole community of users, usually supporters of a common interest.

The widespread use of Forums lies either on common interests for a common theme or on purposes of advertising since it doesn’t need content to work. Forums works only with the help of visitors that discuss a common theme.

Forums developed by Hellas Marketing, care to respond Precisely to the purpose for which you want to use it. Other types of Forums will build on a group of people who have a common feature, for example they love racing events and want to have an online community for discussions and information, other types of Forums will build on a company that wants to strengthen in this way an already existing Site towards further information of customers and opportunity of discussions between its customers.

In Hellas Marketing, we face each Enterprise Individually and in a different way, so what we develop to respond Perfectly to what you need.

icon-check Guests can read or look for information in the forum
icon-check They can also respond to discussions as guest visitors
icon-check All registered users have additional privileges provided and tools, such as sending messages to other users
icon-check Or, complete control over their own entries (posts)
icon-check Moderators are the user group that is responsible for controlling the posts so to keep the ethics, the level of conversation and order
icon-check The system is managed by the team managers (administrators) who have complete control of messages by other users (posts)
icon-check There is the possibility of sending Newsletters to administrators
icon-check Members have the ability to reporting a message (eg annoying – promotional message) in administrator of thew Forum
icon-check As well the ability to attach files to posts or replies to Forum
icon-check To administrators and members provided Statistics of Forum (number of members, topics, modules, threads per day, messages per day, etc.)

Website Development

icon-check  Dynamic Website.  
icon-check  Static Website.  
icon-check  Online Store eShop.  
icon-check  Mobile Friendly Site.  
icon-check  Landing Page.  
icon-check  Website for Hotels.  
icon-check  Website for Photographers.  
icon-check  Resume Website.  
icon-check  Online Forum.  


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