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eCommerce – Commercial Behavour

* Refers to Greece and period of 20132014 (1st quarter)

73% of buyers research online for a product, before buy it
76% is the increase of online purchases on 2014, in contrary to 2013
1,9 million Greek users has bought online products or services worth of 2,9 bn €
20 online purchases annually in average from Greeks, worth of 1.600 €
50% buys from mobile, at least 1 per month
94% has searched Local Businesses, 69% visited the business
8 out of 10 Greeks, prefer as payment method the ‘cash on delivery’
74% the purchases of Greeks from Greek eShops
3x more buys has products in eshops, which has a video
90% of users, performs an action, after searching local businesses
81% of online customers of an eshop, are buying after receiving a newsletter

Online Store eShop

An Online Store (eShop) make your Products & Services available 24 hours a day, during all year, to your potential customers and is the modern ‘showcase’ of your business.
A properly designed eShop based on a Smart Digital Marketing Plan, is the Ideal Tool for Maximization of Profitability for any business that is active in the field Commerce. Especially nowadays where almost all of our transaction or commercial activity is made in an Electronic way (via PC or smartphone), the migration to the digital world is considered as necessary for any Company that wants to have Growth prospects.
Note that, Hellas Marketing in order to provide Integrated Solutions for Enterprises has developed ERP Systems for Linking and Communicate in harmony any Physical Store with its Online Store, so to works a Physical Store fully automated and harmonized with the eShop, facilitating both the Customers and Owners of Stores.

Usability(User Friendly Design)

Every detail in Online Store has studied in depth and particularly attended. This, make able a simple user-customer to understand easily and quickly how to place an order, avoiding loosing of sales without substantive reason. The usability leads to more sales.

icon-check Easy browsing and finding products
icon-check Short process of completing purchases (checkout)
icon-check Increased loading time

Shopping Cart & Purchases (checkout)

Online Stores (eShops) manufactured by Hellas Marketing, including Agile Technology Shopping Cart. Your customers have a clear overview of their purchase in all stages of the process and placing an order becomes in a one-step page enhancing the effectiveness, offering comfort, easy understanding and customer’s satisfaction. Moreover, have the opportunity of Buying as Guests (no registration required from customers).

Give your customers even more Payment Options With Payment by Credit Card, PayPal, Cash On Delivery or Bank Account Deposit. Provide facilities that do not provide your Competitors and make them Buy only from you.

Mobile Ready

Extend the range of your eShop with the fastest growing market, which is today the users of mobile phones and tablets. Our E-shops, support the ability to view in Mobile Devices without needing in the future to make changes and modifications that will surely have cost for you.

So, the Online Store (eShop), automatically detects if the user navigate from a mobile phone and is adapted for use from that device in order your customers can be informed and buy with the same ease and comfort they would from their computer. So you will not lose other customers that are visiting your company from their mobile, or even worst …you will avoid sending them to your competitor who has taken care of a Mobile Friendly eShop.

Easy eShop Management

Manage your online store as easily as never before. With a few clicks you have full control over the list of products, your orders, your customers, the shipping methods, the payments, the planning-design and lot of configurations.

Flexible content management, corporate pages, information about your store’s terms of use, complete management system for adding pages.

The online stores we integrate, have preinstalled shipping methods to manage or create your own. Calculation of shipping based on weight and price, the location of the destination, the transportation company.

icon-check User friendly interface
icon-check Detailed statistics about the store (traffic, visitors, customer data, purchases)
icon-check Easy update of product characteristics (price, availability, description, pictures)

Marketing Tools

All Online Stores (eShops) by Hellas Marketing, accompanied with plenty of Marketing Tools to constitute as the most comprehensive Business Solution of the market. Engage more New customers, keep existing ones, drastically Increase your Sales.

Among many other things, an eShop developed by our Team, has a complete system for Email Newsletters, Discount Coupons, Gift Vouchers, WishLists, Customer’s Reward System with Bonus Points, Combined Offers, autonomy system of Rewards for Partners /Affiliates, Discount Mechanisms for specific Customer groups etc.

Transactions and Products Safety

E-Shops, has Security Mechanisms for both Transactions as well your e-shop and your Clients. So, you have no reasons to worry that you will fall victims of ‘hacking’ easily, you or your customers.

As for the terms of safety on Image Copying, we implement an automated system of Watermarks , which in every image that you add, apply your logo onto, so they can not use your photos.

Google Friendly (SEF)

All Links are SEF (Search Engine Friendly), and therefore your eShop is friendlier to search engines than other competitive ‘solutions’. The structure of our eShops allows easy scanning by search engines, and there aren’t problems arise from multilingualism as usually happens with most online stores. Additionally there is possibility of fully customization of keywords in all critical positions in Google SEO.

Page Speed (Server friendly & Cache)

The speed helps to better user experience and therefore to avoid loosing of sales due to lack of patience by potential customers. Also the loading speed of the online store is one of the most important criteria for better rankings in Google. The delay of the your eShop speed, automatically is translated to loss of sales, which we want to avoid.

Integration with ERP Systems

Many Physical Stores, avoid creating an Online Stores (eShop), mainly because of the heavy workload in the physical store, as also of the fear of Confusion between those 2 kind of ‘branches’.

In Hellas Marketing, we have given particular emphasis exactly to this ‘hesitation’ of physical stores. So, via our Partners in the department of Software Development, we are ready to Ensure and provide Reliable Solutions for the Interconnection between Physical Stores’ and Online Stores’ Operations, improving the schedule of tasks between physical stores and online stores.

So, now the owners of physical stores, feel more Secure and can manage their business more Effectively with the assist of ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning) we integrate, exclusively on your own needs (100% Custom Defined).

Advantages of Online Stores (eShops)

Impressive is the shift of Greek consumers in what is related to their attitude towards online shopping. According to the Greek Association of Electronic Commerce (GRECA) the sales cycle coming from purchases that have online performed reaches the amount of 3,5 bn € for the financial year of 2013.
This rate is one of the highest across Europe and demonstrates the change of attitude of Greek consumers. While they were initially skeptical in such purchases, the growing familiarity with the web as well the awareness of security in electronic transactions leading to an increasing proportion of consumers to online stores so to make their purchases online.
In an era which moving to digital rhythms should entrepreneurs also to realize that at their disposal now they have a new distribution channel for their products and services . The change can seem difficult at first but generate significant advantages over conventional and traditional distribution channels.

Reduce of operating costs

An online store in order to work needs much less cost than a conventional or traditional. Rent, utility bills, staff salaries, cost of security systems, are over time significant charges for operating a business. The online stores can have much lower operating and maintenance costs.


Better stock management & facility planning

Maintaining stocks is an issue for all businesses as it requires the commitment of a capital sum. With the use of e-commerce, this stock is minimized and consequently is reduced and the capital to commit the entrepreneur.


Expansion of Customer Base

Any company that has an online presence can broaden its turnover by extending the geographical boundaries of their transactions. This means that any business that sells its products online can acquire customers in locations that are away from company’s physical store, even abroad. In simple words, any business that has an online storeis like it has branches in many locations as well with the minimum operating costs.


Reduced Marketing Cost

The traditional ways of promoting a product is usually more expensive compared to digital ones. An online store operates independently, as an advertising tool. Especially when combined with other online advertising tools (like the use of social networks, Google AdWords Advertising etc).


Effective Marketing

Marketing with the use of web tools can be cheaper and more effective, having results absolutely measurable. Internet is an interactive tool and so can be pumped useful information for the consumer profile, which this fact can target better by Directors of Marketing as also of the entrepreneurs in order to attract potential customers.

Technical Specifications of eShop

General eShop Specifications

icon-check Full categories and products with Pictures and helping Icons.
icon-check Detailed images for products and categories.
icon-check Display of all eShop categories.
icon-check Unlimited content pages of the eShop.
icon-check New Dynamic Search for products listed in eShop with instant results.
icon-check Display of wishing products on the main page of the eShop.
icon-check Display of popular products.
icon-check Display of featured products.
icon-check Display of products in special offer-discount.
icon-check Complete product presentation.
icon-check Unlimited Email Accounts.
icon-check Unique design, created exclusively on your needs.
icon-check Mass e-mails sending to your customers.
icon-check Checkout (Order Completion) in a one-step page.
icon-check Possibility of adding Advertising banner.
icon-check Additional search filters in the categories and subcategories of the store for even better and more improved customer support.
icon-check Automatic information for any transaction which take place via e-mail.
icon-check Automatically send confirmatory e-mails to the customer (for changes to order status, on subscription etc.).
icon-check Storing customer data.
icon-check Management of orders – sales.
icon-check Products comparison.
icon-check Wish list service.
icon-check System of customer’s review.
icon-check Option of discount coupons for specific products, categories or customers.
icon-check Ability of adding system for rewarding customer’s loyalty via point system, so to be able to use those points in order to have added discount (motivate customers to buy again from your store).
icon-check Contact form with details of your business.
icon-check Display of Dynamic shopping cart wherever someone is in your eShop.
icon-check Ability to order without registration (as a guest).
icon-check Complete page with Product descriptions, Pictures, Videos etc.
icon-check Ability of adding Extra options to your products (such as gifts that including with some of your products, or color options etc).
icon-check Display of Relevant and Popular products.
icon-check Variety of Shipping methods.
icon-check Variety of Payment methods.
icon-check Automatic calculation of shipping discounts on checkout.
icon-check Complete statistics for the online store.
icon-check Order Processing and Status via the Control Panel Management.
icon-check Merchant support through e-mail.
icon-check Ability of adding Affiliate mechanism.
icon-check Operation of online store 24 hours on 365 days.
icon-check Option of Complete management and Information through mobile phone.
icon-check Ability to send a reminder Email if client add to cart products, but did not complete the order (most in cases that potential customer want to see and other eShops, so you can provide to him a discount code to eventually buy from you).


eShop Products

icon-check Unlimited product options.
icon-check Sorting display of products based on price, name, code or more recent added.
icon-check Complete formatting of the product description.
icon-check Creation Options for Special Products Filter.
icon-check List of related products of eShop.
icon-check Unlimited images for each product.
icon-check Multiple stock products situations.
icon-check Ability of multiple option and actions for each product.


Customers Support

icon-check Dynamic product Search and advanced search.
icon-check Ability to subscribe a customer, just as member.
icon-check Option to purchase without registration (as guest).
icon-check Password reminder.
icon-check Purchases History.
icon-check Intervention in selecting products in the cart (number of products etc).
icon-check Unlimited shipping addresses per customer.
icon-check Option from the customer control panel, to see the available reward points and other facilities you may provide them.
icon-check Customer service via Live Help Center in real time.
icon-check Ability to use the special discount for specific customers.
icon-check Option of granting reward points for use, in future order.


Stock products of eShop

icon-check Full control of store’s warehouse.
icon-check Enabling/Disabling of products inventory control.
icon-check Disable the option of “Add to cart” if exhausted a product if is unavailable
icon-check Easy management of warehouse/stock and product.


Payment methods

icon-check Payment by Credit Card.
icon-check Payment by PayPal.
icon-check Bank deposit.
icon-check Cash On Delivery (CoD).
icon-check Cheques.
icon-check Payment by phone.


Control Panel of eShop

icon-check Manage eShop via the control panel, a completely user friendly to the Manager.
icon-check Access to administration protected by security codes.
icon-check Configuration of your eShop, in real time.
icon-check Quick and easy add-change-delete of products-categories.
icon-check Discounts management with insertion percentage of the original price or new value.
icon-check Management of New products, or products that are expected, with estimated arrival date.
icon-check Comprehensive Management of customers.
icon-check Feature of adding new accounts.
icon-check Management of products and categories based on classifications (category, date, name).
icon-check Immediate view of orders on the first page of the eShop Administration.
icon-check View online customers in real time on front page of eShop management.
icon-check Complete management of orders with options of change each element of them.
icon-check Feature of informing customer if status of an order change, by added information such as custom text which sent via email.
icon-check Managing of newsletters and advertising which may have the store (banners with full statistics).
icon-check Plenty of statistics and graphs for Customers, Products, Orders, Suppliers.
icon-check Sales report by day, week or month, or a summarized for each product independently.
icon-check Feature of activation onLine conversation in order to allow customers to talk to employees in live time.
icon-check Add Additional options for Products.
icon-check Add additional filters for products and categories of your eShop.
icon-check Plenty of automated messages which are senting to your customers.

Sample of Online Store (eShop)
More Samples
Sample of Online Store (eShop)

Definitely, a Demonstration will… convince you!

See how actually works a comprehensive Online Store (eShop) and what features it provides both to customers and the owner of the eShop.

We encourage you to Create an account with your real Email, to see most of the Features provided to you, and try to make a Virtual Purchase. Of course understood that this purchase will never happen since it is just for Demonstration of the Online Store. Also, give a try to Product categories to choose filtering methods we have, to refine the results of products which may interest you. Overall, try to experiment freely with the functions of the eShop, like if you were a potential customer.

You can also see exactly how works and how easy is to Manage the e-shop (Administrator). Please try free to see all the features that we may provide you, with the Management-Administration of your eShop. We have simplified all procedures so much, in order to be able with a brief training, even the most novice and without skills can handle with ease and comfort the online store.


  Demo Administrator

username: demo
password: demo

E-commerce, eShops

icon-check  Online Shopping Cart.  
icon-check  E-Commerce Solutions.  
icon-check  Implementation of E-shop.  
icon-check  Penetration in New Markets.  
icon-check  Increase of Productivity.  
icon-check  Secure Transactions.  
icon-check  Competitive Advantages.  
icon-check  Reduce of Operating Costs.  
icon-check  Wide Geographic Coverage.  
icon-check  Reduced Marketing Cost.  
icon-check  Enlargement of customer base.  
icon-check  Immediate Increase of Sales.  


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