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* Refers to data of 2014 and 1st quarter of 2015

56% of users use their smartphone, to connect on Internet
50% of users purchase online from mobile, at least 1 per month
64% of total time spending users in their mobile is on Mobile Apps
94% has searched for Local Businesses, 69% of them visit this Business
62% has increased the penetration of smartphones during last year
75% of users are annoyed by sites that are not Mobile Friendly,
52% of them leaves immediately the site and never returns
86% make use of their mobile, while watching TV, Facebook etc.
90% of users, performs an action, after searching for Local Businesses
40% of users, shift to a competitor’s site due to bad site experience from mobile.
1 out of 3 search information from the smartphone, while is in-store
77% of searches from mobile, are taking place from a room with laptop or desktop

How a Mobile Friendly Site works


Those interested are typing your Website.

Shown in PC (Laptop-Desktop)

Your website appears to Laptop or Desktop.

Shown in Mobile Devices

Your website appears to Smartphone or Tablet.

On April 21th, something changes and brings upside-down on web

How important is a Mobile Friendly Site

Google decided to proceed to a significant change affecting the future of the Internet, primarily due to the surge use of mobile devices today, which now exceeds the use by computers.

What Google wants to achieve, is to provide a far better experience to users of mobile devices, as a mobile friendly site does not affect the appearance of a website to a computer but only on tablets and mobiles.

So, those who have a Website appropriate to mobile users, will see their site after the April 21st, coming up on top of the results and in addition Google is already putting on those pages a label on the results says Mobile Friendly rewarding them.

Of course, by having a mobile friendly website, affects except position in Google and functionality of your business, because you allow customers to call you directly from their mobile or even lead to your business from their mobile phone.

Mobile Friendly Website

Your Website is correctly displayed in Computers & Mobile Devices.

Mobile Friendly Sites

What is a Mobile Friendly Site

A mobile friendly site, is nothing more than a site, appropriately designed to appear on mobile phones.

Your visitors, clicking your site’s electronic address can either see your regular site if they come from a computer, or the mobile friendly site of yours if coming from the mobile or the tablet.

A mobile friendly site, is an innovation in which move recently more and more companies, resulting to acquire new customers who use their mobile phones for internet browsing, over their competitors who haven’t properly designed sites for mobile users.

Advantages of a Mobile Friendly Site

Your visitors, doesn’t need to “zoom” in order to see the content of your website.

Your website’s content, is clearly visible and “menus”, can easily be clicked in touchscreens of mobile devices.

A Mobile Friendly Site, usually “loads” 10 times faster, than a Desktop version of the same Website.

Provide instantly on your visitors the ability to use functions which all mobile phones has, as direct phone calls or sms sending, simply by pressing a button.

For Local Businesses, through technology that any mobile phone has (GPS),
visitors can see how close your company is located and drive to you.

Το περιεχόμενο ενός Mobile Friendly Site, συγχρονίζεται αυτόματα στις κινητές συσκευές.

The content of a Mobile Friendly Site, automatically syncs on mobile devices.

In general, the Benefits of Using a Site suitably designed for mobile phone users, are countless, with main aim to be the comfortable and enjoyable browsing of your website’s visitors, via their mobile phone.

Mobile Applications

What is a Mobile App?

The fact that Smartphones have invaded our daily lives facilitating their enormously. How? With the easy internet access from anywhere and anytime. The companies for this reason has now begun to focus on the creation of mobile applications as the most effective way to promote their products/services. Whatever makes an online business can be done with mobile applications adding portability, geographic targeting and other technological advantages. The potential of mobile applications go beyond the marketing.The companies not only promote their products and/or services by addressing to on-the-go consumers, but also they can even support online transactions, leading to customer loyalty and enhance the social media interactions.
The advantages of mobile applications are that provide the opportunity of easy accessibility, tasks completion and interactive information almost instantly. Consider of building a mobile application for your business, taking advance over competition, by interacting with your audience and highlighting your products more integrated.

Mobile Application Examples

Let’s say you are owner of a Hotel or an Accommodation, you could have a mobile app, so your clients to have the ability to:
Get Drive to you through the application an mobile’s GPS,
Book a room from their mobile depending of Room’s availability, in a few minutes,
Receive Notifications to their mobile device even during the time they are in your hotel, providing them useful ideas like “where to go today” suggestions or similar notifications.
As you realize, it’s obvious why today all businesses are driven to integration of innovative mobile applications.

Now let’s say you are a Restaurant owner. You could have a mobile application, giving directions of your location to your Customers. Also, you could add your Food Menu and add a discount coupon, for everyone who check-in to your business from their mobile.
Consider that this is a way economic promotion of your business, as you add value to your customers and this value react to their community, helping you increase customers.

A Research of 2013

The Flurry company of mobile researches and analyzes, in its recent report says that in 2013 the use of mobile applications has more than doubled compared to 2012, stating an increase of 115%.
One notable feature is that in the category of system and productivity applications (office applications), there was an increase of 149%, which demonstrates the growing use of smartphones and tablets as PCs.

* The results of this study drawn from the analysis of about 400,000 applications which are recorded by the company.

icon-android  Android Applications

Android is an open source operating system (Opern Source), its code is free for users to intervene and make changes. This has resulted the operating to give great freedom to the user in order to configure the environment of the mobile phone just as he wants. Android today is the most popular in mobile devices, supporting most of common devices from manufacturers like Samsung, Sony and LG, involving thousands of applications available through Google Play..

icon-apple  iOS Applications

The iOS is the operating system for Apple’s mobile phone, the iPhone. The code of iOS as opposed to Android is not open to users. iOS is made exclusively to fit only to one device, the iPhone. This makes it to have fewer customization margins compared to Android, on the other hand gives great advantage in stability, speed and security. The iOS, like the Android, has a huge number of applications available for installation.

Take Advantage of Smartphones Capabilities

The camera of a smartphone can be used by an application in many ways. Take photos and upload them automatically to your website through an application. Use the BAR-CODE and QR-CODE Scanner and provide the ability to return information, discounts and offers to those who use it.

Use the possibilities offered by smartphones for geolocation tracking in applications, that make use of the geographical position of a mobile so to provide with maps, directions, and real-time information about the place is located το users .

A mobile application can make use of a user’s contact list.

The smartphones users are doing, based on surveys, widespread use of social networks (like facebook, twiter etc). Applications which are integrated with social media networks can raise sharply the popularity of your business.

Some information are necessary to users immediately in specific time which can not have access to a Desktop, Laptop or Internet. A mobile app can provide the user with the information or services they need at the right time.


Samples of Mobile Applications

Here are some Mobile Applications we have built for some of our clients.


Concern about your Mobile users

icon-check  You create a pleasant browsing experience on your site.  
icon-check  Increase your Sales-Reservations.  
icon-check  You create a Strong Corporate Profile.  
icon-check  You take Advantage over Competition. 
icon-check  Encourage communication with your Customers.  
icon-check  You Innovate and create New Trends.  


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icon-bullhorn  Presentations related to Mobile Solutions

Understanding the Mobile Consumers (Greece, September 2013)

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