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The Evolution of Marketing Nowadays

135 billion euros has spend during 2014 for Digital Marketing
82% of companies for 2014, increased their Digital Marketing budget
72 hours of videos are uploading in just 1 minute to YouTube
73% of buyers, are having a market research before purchase a product
91% of companies are running Email Marketing Campaigns
1,19 billion are the total users of facebook. 3,3 million are the Greek users
68% of Greeks are participating in any type of social networking
81% of online customers of an eshop, are buying (online/offline) after receiving a Newsletter
300% has increased the ROI (Return on Investment) from Digital Marketing, during last 3 years

Marketing Consulting Services

Consulting Services of Marketing Operations

Hellas Marketing with advisory services of Marketing, is mainly addressed to those dynamic companies which have not yet developed a specialized Marketing department, offering the alternative use of its own experienced staff and its research tools.
In this way, our own Marketing Consultants become part of your business, work closely together and in regular basis with you, for as long as required, while also exploit the capabilities, staff and resources Hellas Marketing for your own benefit.


Strategic Marketing Plans

The preparation of a Strategic Marketing Plan or Marketing Plan, is not just about the promotion method and advertising of products / services of a business, but it requires extensive Analysis of of Market, Competition, Consumer and mix of products in order to design:
icon-caret-right The Product Strategy (Product Portfolio Mix)
icon-caret-right The Distribution Strategy and Disposing of Products
icon-caret-right The Pricing Policy
icon-caret-right Complete Plan of Communication and Strategies for choosing the proper Media
Through this process it is possible to highlight the competitive advantages of enterprises, the delimitation of their position over the competition and establish appropriate strategies for Achieving Awareness, Increase Market Share, the Importing in New Markets and finally maximize their Profitability.
Marketing Plans and Strategies include the following Processes:
icon-caret-right Internal environment Analysis of Enterprises
icon-caret-right External environment Analysis of Enterprises
icon-caret-right Analysis of Existing Situation
icon-caret-right Strengths and weaknesses Analysis (SWOT Analysis)
icon-caret-right Determination of Goals and Marketing Strategies
icon-caret-right Development of Action Plans
icon-caret-right Budget Analysis
icon-caret-right Plan against emergencies
icon-caret-right Timeline of Actions and Tasks
icon-caret-right Mechanisms and Processes of Control and Assessment Plan


Planning and Performing of Market Research

The Planning and Execution of Market Research, is addressed to continuous study of the market, by monitoring any changes in a highly changeable and competitive environment. Information is essential to understanding the client’s products, competition and the environment in which it operates.
The Planning and Performing of Market Research, includes:
icon-caret-right Monitoring of Company’s Strategy and Choice of Business Issues for Investigating
icon-caret-right Planning of Market Research Surveys
icon-caret-right Choice of Survey Sample
icon-caret-right Choice of Methodology for Execution of Market Research
icon-caret-right Conduct of Market Research and Completion of Surveys
icon-caret-right Collection of Research Results and Analysis of Statistics
icon-caret-right Shaping Proposals for Restructuring and Preparation for Plan of Trade Policy Based on the Results of Research
The Analysis of the Results of Market Research, allows us to help the company to redesign their Policies, even to find valuable conclusions for products which should be Promoted in different ways, perhaps addressed to the wrong consumers or even to Change or Create new Products. After the analysis of Market Research, the Corporation may know how to move towards a successful direction.


Development of Brand Trademark (Branding)

The management of a Brand Trademark (Brand) requires knowledge, experience and consistency. The Strategy of the brand upon which we move arises from the values and philosophy of the company, is aligned with business strategy and marketing strategy, whilst reflecting the in-depth understanding of consumer needs and perceptions. The brand strategy defines the competitive advantage and the way is placed the product in the consumer’s mind.
Hellas Marketing provides creative Branding services, which combined with the successful positioning strategy and scientifically based qualitative and quantitative research process, are instrumental in building strong Brands.
The Development of Brand, includes among others:
icon-caret-right Study, Analysis and Mapping of planning strategy
icon-caret-right Choice of Nomenclature
icon-caret-right Choice of Logo – Trademark
icon-caret-right Planning and Development of Corporate Profile
icon-caret-right Planning of Packaging (in the case of product)


Management of Sales Process

In Management of Sales Procedures including the Planning of Commercial Policy, Market Analysis and Competition, Defining of Customer – Goals (Targeting), the Approach and Expanding to New Customers, Target setting, the preparation of an Elementary Marketing Plan, the Preservation and Increase of excited customers.
The Operating Procedures contained in the Sales Management are:
icon-caret-right Monitoring of Company’s Strategy and Business Issues for Investigating
icon-caret-right Acquisition of New Customers – Retention of Existing Customers
icon-caret-right Increase of sales to existing customers
icon-caret-right Penetration into new markets
icon-caret-right Creation of Partnership (Partners) with customers
icon-caret-right Salesmen Scheduling
icon-caret-right Preparation of Salesmen before visiting
icon-caret-right Returns Management
icon-caret-right Organization Chart of sales
icon-caret-right Coaching of Salesmen – Fees of Salesmen
icon-caret-right Monitoring and Improving of Salesmen Performance
icon-caret-right Management of relationship with Customers (CRM)


Brand Valuation

Trade Name of a business is an important part of corporate value, playing a catalytic role in cases of acquisition, mergings etc. In Hellas Marketing, we study with you, the market, we measure the value of the brand and its financial performance, through structured processes. We empower the company to understand the overall value of the brand and its dynamics.

Digital Marketing – Content Marketing

Google Advertising Campaigns

Service of Google Adwords for online advertising offers targeted advertising to promote your professional or corporate website. With this service you can advertise with promotional text messages, but also images, display, flash or video ads.
Your Ads are been shown in Google
When your potential customers search in Google, your Ads are shown in the page of search results.
After that, you can promote your business effectively in an audience who already search for your products and services.

You attract Customers
It’s so easy! In order to start Attracting NEW Customers through Google, the only you need is to have an active website, which describe your products and services. We will help you for the rest is needed, and after a while new potential customers will be able to click your ads, to purchase your products or to get informed for your business and services.


Planning together your Google Advertising
Trust our deep experience, from a variety of Companies which we have assume, for your Google Advertising Planning. Each Ad Campaign has their unique characteristics and we can build on discussing with you, in order to have full coverage.


Some of the Advantages of Google Advertising are:
icon-caret-right Huge amount of Visits to Google Search
icon-caret-right Targeted Approach
icon-caret-right Controlled Advertising Budget
icon-caret-right Measurable Value



Facebook Advertising Campaigns

A very important trend to promote of a company online that is gaining more and more land, is advertising on Facebook.
It is one of the most reliable and dynamic online advertising media, as it can aim at a very large audience at a relatively low cost.
An advertising on Facebook can focus on demographics of potential consumers, such:
icon-caret-right Age
icon-caret-right Gender
icon-caret-right Country of residence
icon-caret-right Interests
icon-caret-right Educational level
The major advantage of Facebook is the huge Audience. According to latest data, has 1.19 billion users worldwide, and only Greece has 3,377,920 active users. This mere fact, gives a significant power which none of the companies can ignore, to have a strong and effective presence in Social Media.


Email Marketing

Email Marketing is an easy and economical way to stay in touch with your customers and create reoccurring sales. It is a way to maintain the contact with customers of an enterprise and attract NEW ones!
With Email Marketing Service we offer, you are given the opportunity of informing thousands of your customers or partners for new products, services or issues of your company by sending a Newsletter. In this way we ensure ongoing communication with your customer base, create a competitive advantage and in very low cost, you can attract new customers.
To achieve satisfactory results should your email follow professional design and have a professional look to inspire your recipients read them. At the same time, they must meet specific technical requirements, to ensure that it will reach at their destination and will not go to a junk folder.
Using Email (or Newsletter) Marketing, among other things from the beginning you know its impact, since you know that you sent the newsletter to 50,000 people for example. We take care to set up your Email Marketing your campaign (Planning Newsletter) and send the Newsletter to your list of customers (avoiding the possibility to be considered as spam), through Special Designed Platform we use, with the assist of which we can provide you with Detailed Statistical Information such as who just saw the Email, who clicked a Link and which was this link, how many times has opened someone the Email etc.


Social Media Marketing

The Social Media Marketing, known also as SMO (Social Media Optimization), is an important tool for supporting and communicating any modern business with its customers. At the same time, it helps to attract and retain new customers and manage the identity-reputation of a company online.
These data make the Social Media so strong in the area of Marketing. They are the same people who share, react to what they see or read, and generally there is a rapid spread through the possibilities provided by those media, because of word-of-Mouth thus becomes immediately known anything one wants to highlight.
Certainly you will have noticed on television or through brochures, advertises of big companies (or small) and perhaps from their site, an address on Facebook for example. If you’re looking to understand why they have acquire so much strength these Social Networking Sites, you have to think of examples like Facebook, which in few years of running has 1.19 billion ACTIVE users and consider that if Facebook was a country would hold the third position behind China and India.
Social Media Marketing is a recent addition-method on Marketing Planning of businesses as the increased use of Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus etc.) has affected the way companies communicate with the market.
That’s why the Social Media Marketing programs focus usually in creating content that attracts users’-readers’ attention in a way to share those with their own social networks. A corporate message that is transmitted from user to user often has more power and generates more confidence as it comes from a reliable source (one of them, a simple consumer).
The Social Media is not just a profile, a group or a page on facebook or twitter. Especially Facebook now provides many possibilities for integrating functional elements on your website with the “open graph” and use of “like buttons” aims to make online advertising more targeted than ever. Social Media allow you to establish your presence in them, implementing, among other things, information about your services, polls, photos of events or products and intelligent quiz with which you can learn the opinion of your customers and improve your service. Also inform people about products, offers and services, as well you get informed from the world (your customers) through the ability of their comments.

The Social Media are easily accessible by anyone with Internet connection. The increase in communication promotes brand awareness of a corporate product and improves customer service. Additionally, Social Media act as a relatively inexpensive media for companies allowing them to implement integrated marketing campaigns.



The content of the texts, the tone of voice and the message we want to communicate are the most direct translation of marketing strategy. The words that we use are able to capture the emotion and the mind of a consumer or to cancel a months’ effort.
Experienced Text Editors (Copywriters) of Hellas Marketing, choose each word carefully ensuring to give efficiently and effectively the information to the final recipient, while also creating the perfect climate in which will develop our strategy.
Advertising Copywriting is done by professionals Copywriters with experience and talent not only in writing but also in advertising. And this is the difference that will give a competitive advantage to the advertising that you do or the texts of your site. It is no coincidence that the texts are written by professionals “are selling” more.

Marketing Consulting & Υπηρεσίες Marketing

icon-check  Development of Marketing and Action Plan.  
icon-check  Brand Valuation of Corporate Trademark.  
icon-check  Market Research-Competition Analysis.  
icon-check  Customer Relationship & Customer Acquisition.  
icon-check  Management of Sales Processes.  
icon-check  Planning of Strategic Promotion & Communication.  
icon-check  Planning of Sampling method.  
icon-check  Google Advertising Campaign.  
icon-check  Email Marketing.  
icon-check  Social Media Marketing.  


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